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Additional Low Voltage

Your One-Stop Low Voltage Specialists!

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We could list every type of low voltage project we've helped customers with over the past 40 years. 

But who wants to read a list that long anyway? All you really need to know is that if you need help with anything Low-Voltage related, call us at 352-666-3620

Pool Alarm Systems

We offer professionally installed code compliant pool alarm systems built into your new home. Many customers prefer this alternative to costly fence enclosures, or unreliable wave alarm systems.

Central Vacuum Systems 

Keep your house free of the dust most vacuums leave behind. Specially designed vacuum ports are installed into your walls during construction, that allow you to clean by simply plugging into a vacuum port. Dust and debris are carried out of the house to a central location in your garage.

Structured Voice and Data (Smart Wiring)

Hard-wired streaming devices, wifi boosters, repeaters and more...

When in doubt, request your FREE estimate below.

Your One-Stop Low Voltage Specialists!

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